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The Lexington Medical Society Foundation is a non-profit corporation (501-c-3) established in 1964 with the funds left over as a result of the mass polio immunization program carried out in this community. Today, most of the income for the LMS Foundation’s is produced from it’s annual golf tournament proceeds and from individual members of the Society. Donations to the LMS Foundation are tax-deductible as a charitable donation. Click here to make a donation to the LMS Foundation.

For questions about the LMS Foundation, contact Christopher Hickey, at (859) 278-0569.

To apply for a 2024 LMS Foundation grant click here. Grant applications are due no later than July 19, 2024 to Cindy Madison.

The Lexington Medical Society Vision:

Lexington Medical Society Foundation seeks to help those who improve community health.

The Lexington Medical Society Mission:

The Lexington Medical Society Foundation endeavors to improve the health of our community through support of Lexington-area, medically-related, non-profit organizations, medical school students, and physician leadership and wellness programs.

Serving on the board of this foundation are 6 members of the Society, 6 lay persons and the presidents of the Society and the Alliance.

2022 Lexington Medical Society Officers:

President – John W. Collins, M.D.
Vice President – David J. Bensema, M.D.
Secretary – John G. Roth, M.D.
Treasurer – Hunt Ray, CPA
Board Members:
Jane Chiles
Gill Dunn, MD Update
Bill Farmer Jr.
Lucien Kinsolving, Stock Yards Bank & Trusts
Lee Dossett, MD, LMS President
J. Michael Moore, MD

Grants Awarded: