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Wanted: LMS Physicians to serve on the Academies of Lexington Medical Advisory Boards


Help Shape the Next Generation in Health Care

Serve on an Academies of Lexington Medical Advisory Board

Wanted: Two LMS physicians (active or retired) per school to provide their professional advice to help shape the medical academies (curriculum and programs) at Bryan Station, Frederick Douglass, and Tates Creek High Schools.

Time Requirement: Board meeting monthly (dates differ by school)

Background: Three of Lexington’s high schools (Bryan Station, Frederick Douglass, and Tates Creek) have reorganized how they present education to their students. In their words, “We’re doing education differently.” This Academies of Lexington concept offers students an experience as interesting and innovative as the world around them.

What are the Academies of Lexington:

The Academies of Lexington are small learning communities within Fayette County public high schools. They allow students to connect what they’re learning in the classroom with real-world applications. They provide students with a new kind of educational experience – one that helps them truly thrive in today’s economy. The Academies of Lexington is a partnership between Fayette County public high schools, students, families, educators, businesses, and community partners. This initiative is uniting Lexington behind the cause of transforming public education in our city.

Within these three high schools, all freshmen are placed within the Freshman Academy to learn about the career focused academies. Before 10th grade, the students select a focus (such as medical and health sciences) and will then receive all academic subject instruction within their academy from 10th to 12th grade. The goal is to connect the academic instruction to the academy career fields through exposure to real world educational experiences and community and business partners. The Academies of Medical Sciences are forming advisory boards of educators, community partners, families, and students to help shape the future programs and experiences.

Ms. Natalie Shepard, email link, Partnership Manager for the Academies of Lexington, has asked the Lexington Medical Society for two physicians per school, active or retired, to serve on their boards. Their board meets the first Tuesday of the month, every other month, from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.

If you are interested contact Christopher Hickey, LMS EVP/CEO, email link, phone (859) 278-0569.

More information:

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