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U.K. Graduate Medical Education Residents and Spouses Take on the Challenges of Couple’s Team Building

U.K. Graduate Medical Education Residents and Spouses take on the Challenges of Couple’s Team Building
By Christopher Hickey, EVP/CEO

A group of U.K. physician resident couples, on a beautiful, blue-sky and short-sleeve spring day, recently took on the adventure challenges at the Life Adventure Center in Versailles. The event was developed by the Lexington Medical Society specifically to support the University of Kentucky’s Graduate Medical Education Resident and Fellow couples. The event started at noon time with some ice breaking activities to enable the group to learn each others names and to begin to build team work. The resident couples transitioned to some group problem solving challenges which they performed expertly. Then the anxiety cranked up a bit as they put on their helmet and harnesses as they prepared for some high adventure challenges as a couple. The first task was to climb a wall to reach the high ropes course which was 60 feet above the ground. The couples then negotiated a series of high rope challenges, the most difficult one had them have to lean into each other at about a 45 degree angle as they traversed wire cables that progressively got wider part. The high ropes course culminated with a ride down a zip line. All the couples stated they thoroughly enjoyed the day. LMS will look to do more events like this in the future.

Resident and Fellow couples’ ice breaking activity
Leadership Problem Solving Challenge
Climbing up to the high ropes course
Negotiating the high ropes course