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Medical Student Emergency Relief Capital Campaign

Help those University of Kentucky medical students, who otherwise don’t have a means of support, with life’s unexpected financial emergencies. Please consider contributing $100 or $50 to this program to show our medical students we have their back.

The Lexington Medical Society Foundation is establishing a new program called “Medical Student Emergency Relief.” The purpose of this program is to provide grants to University of Kentucky medical students, who otherwise don’t have a means of support, that face unplanned, unbudgeted life emergencies.

This is a grant and not a loan. The fund is not for tuition, books, loan reduction, or routine life expenses. Someday, when the medical student becomes a physician, they can contribute to the fund to help future medical students. The Lexington Medical Society and the Lexington Medical Society Foundation have contributed $1,500 each to start the fund.

Who is eligible: University of Kentucky medical students.

How will the program be administered: The Lexington Medical Society Foundation, a 501 c (3) nonprofit, will administer the fund. 100% of the donations will go towards assisting medical students. The LMS Foundation President and the foundation treasurer, a CPA, will approve the grants based on a recommendation from the U.K. College of Medicine Associate Dean of Student Affairs. The LMS Foundation President will establish an annual grant distribution limit in order to not deplete the fund. The fund will be kept in a high interest fixed savings account. The LMS Foundation board, at their annual meeting, will review the grants awarded over the past year.

Make a donation: