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Dear Fellow Members,

Bottom Line Up Front: Help us honor the 30th year of service by John and Peggy Collins in leading the LMS Foundation Golf Tournament. Our goal is to raise $30,000 for the LMS Foundation. Please join us in achieving this goal by playing in the tournament or donating to the Foundation.

Every now and then you run across someone who has put their heart and soul into a worthy cause for a good part of a lifetime. Fellow member John Collins, MD and his wife Peggy are in the final planning stages for their 30th Annual Lexington Medical Society Foundation Golf Tournament which will occur on August 21st at Boones Trace National Golf Club in Richmond. When John and Peggy started the inaugural golf tournament in 1989 the Berlin Wall was still standing, the Soviet Union was a country, and the internet did not exist.  The world has dramatically changed, but the Collins’ have continued their efforts to help those who improve community health in our city.  

The annual golf tournament is the major fundraiser for the LMS Foundation, a 501 (C) 3 non-profit. The LMS Foundation Board has awarded over $600,000 in grants to Lexington-area, medical related non-profits like Surgery on Sunday, the Baby Health Service, Camp Horsin’ Around, the Ronald McDonald House, Mission Lexington, Radio Eye, God’s Pantry Food Bank, the McDowell House and many others. Think about the real lives positively affected by supporting the efforts of these great organizations. Think of the misery, sickness, suffering, and quality of life in our community changed for the better.

Dr. Collins, our LMS Foundation President and Golf Committee Chair, when asked why he has devoted three decades of his life to this worthy cause he simply said, “It needed to be done.” That is the answer of a humble, servant leader. John is joined by fellow golf committee members W. Lisle Dalton, MD, Kenneth “Tad” Hughes, MD, Susan Neil, MD, Jon Voss, MD, Patrick Cashman of SIS, David Smyth of Family Financial Partners, John Maher formerly of BB&T, and Gil Dunn the publisher of MD Update. We are grateful for the continued partnership of our longtime presenting sponsor, BB&T represented by Susan Potter.

Help us honor John and Peggy Collins and their three decades of service leading by playing or donating.


Charles L. Papp, MD