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AMA Annual Meeting Update

Click for link to AMA House of Delegates Update

The American Medical Association held their annual House of Delegates Meeting in Chicago on June 6-8. LMS member Dr. David Bensema, a past KMA and LMS president, served as our AMA delegate.  Among the issues debated and policy developed included:

  • Prison inmate and staff should get more health education, training.
  • Funding plans to end HIV epidemic.
  • Physicians support paid leave to boost health outcomes.
  • Homeless people need more help, not stays in jail.
  • Doctors issue a wake-up call regarding vector-borne diseases (VBDs) that are on the uptick.
  • Health care augmented intelligence (AI) must boost the quadruple aim to move forward.
  • Get rid of market barriers to appropriate pain management.
  • Innovative models can improve access to psychiatric and other specialty care in underserved areas.
  • Take extra care when applying AI in medical education.
  • Medicaid should be extended to cover “fourth trimester” and beyond.
  • How often do physicians and medical students die of suicide?
  • How is GME funding being spent?
  • Lifesaving naloxone should be available almost everywhere.
  • AMA strengthens its anti-harassment policy.
  • AMA principles will further gender equity among physicians.
  • Competition prescribed as remedy to wave of hospital consolidation.
  • Alternative payment models (APMs) should encourage service to vulnerable patients.
  • Physician s living with burnout should not face stigma.
  • The ACA should be strengthened, not abandoned.
  • Health records of immigrant children should not be given to courts.
  • Better data needed to prevent violence against transgender people.
  • Time to scrutinize pharmacy benefit managers’ (PBMs) outsized role in Rx drug decision-making.
  • Using the right words can help beat the deadly stigma surrounding addiction.