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Members in the News

Steven Stack, MD Named Kentucky Department for Public Health Commissioner

Steven Stack, M.D.

LMS member, Dr. Steven Stack, was recently named the new Kentucky Department for Public Health Commissioner. Dr. Stack is an emergency room physician at Saint Joseph East Hospital. He has served the American Medical Association in many capacities including AMA Secretary, board member, and board chair. In 2016 he was inaugurated as the 170th president of the AMA becoming the first emergency room physician and the organization’s youngest president in the last 160 years.

Grace Gibbs, D.O. Promoted to Colonel

Grace Gibbs, D.O.

On Saturday, February 8th, Dr. Grace Gibbs was promoted and pinned as Colonel at Berry Field Air National Guard Base in Nashville, TN. Colonel is the highest field grade officer rank, and it is therefore, just below the general officer ranks. Women in all branches of the military represent 7% of the entire population, therefore they must compete with 93% of males. Dr. Gibbs is the first female officer promoted to Colonel in her unit. The rank insignia for colonel is a silver eagle that is a stylized representation of the eagle in the seal of the United States coat of arms.