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COVID-19 Punched Your Practice in the Face – what will you do now?

COVID-19 Punched Your Practice in the Face
– what will you do now?

By Dike Drummond, MD

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth
~ Mike Tyson

It is easy to look back at last year … and remember your practice as “NORMAL” … right?

Sure … there were some frustrating things about some of your patients and staff, EMR was a pain … but things made sense. You went to work, saw patients, thought this career was a safe, predictable path to some level of accomplishment and financial security.

Then WHACK … 
Coronavirus punched us all right in the face 

And what felt normal and safe and predictable got scrambled into a strange, jumbled, dangerous and disorienting mess.

Right now … you may be working harder than ever before, putting yourself and potentially your family in danger. You are a hero, but at what cost … and what happens when this is all over?
Your practice may be nearly idle, shut down or you are re-deployed to a new service or ramping up virtual visits or drive through clinics. What will your practice look like in the future and when does that New Normal get here?

And your organization may be in deep financial trouble. Most have income down by 50% and more. Even Mayo is going to lose $3 Billion – yes that is Billion – in 2020. We may see the extinction of the small private practice … especially in rural areas.

With everything so uncertain, one thing is Crystal Clear.

That old normal is gone.  Knocked Out Cold. 

Most likely for good… 

We are staggering along the path to a New Normal

  • For the healthcare industry
  • The practice of medicine
  • Your job description and paycheck
  • And most importantly … for your own practice and career

And the end is nowhere in sight at this time.

How can you make it safely to the far side of this crisis?
How can you keep yourself and your family healthy, safe and protected and continue to be a healer, caregiver, light worker, physician through this pandemic and into the new reality?

Here is a new resource I know will help:

The Pandemic Survival Guide for Physicians is our brand new Online Video Training for doctors >> Five brief, powerful lessons to deal with all the layers of the COVID-19 impact.

Together these tools enable you to become stronger, more grounded and prepared for the New Normal, no matter how long it takes to emerge from the fog. You, your family and your work teams will learn to hold your center and navigate safely through to the far side of this pandemic.

  • Learn how to take back your Locus of Control
  • Refocus on what is Truly Important to You and Your Family
  • Redefine Your Practice – even if it is a Moving Target
  • Thrive Through the Chaos … rather than fret, freeze, blame or complain
  • See the New Normal as soon as it becomes clear
  • And Step on to that Far Shore Ready for Whatever Comes Next

AS AN LMS MEMBER – the Survival Guide is only $60 for Lifetime Access
And carries our 90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

The healthcare industry and your practice are being reshaped by forces outside your control. 

– It is so easy to freeze – like the classic deer in the headlights.

– Or fall into Victim Mode and blame, justify and complain and pray for a savior.

The Pandemic Survival Guide shares our top five tools to navigate these dark times — tested and refined in thousands of hours of practice with doctors in similar life and career threatening circumstances.

These are short lessons delivered in weekly bites. 
The longest video lesson is just 13 minutes. 

– Learn effective tools to deal with volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times

– Shift your awareness and thinking

– Take back your Locus of Control

– Build simple action plans to be focused and on purpose 

– Learn and practice radical selfcare habits

– Develop your power of Foresight

– Stay prepared to step into the New Normal no matter how long the crisis lasts


AS AN LMS MEMBER the Survival Guide is only $60 for Lifetime Access
90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

I look forward to seeing you in Lesson One

That’s it for now.
If you have any questions, suggestions or would like personal support …
– click here to contact me directly
– or hit “REPLY” to send me a personal email

Keep breathing, stay safe and have a mellow rest of your day,

Keep breathing, stay safe and have a mellow rest of your day,


Dike Drummond MD