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Wanted: LMS Mentors for 3rd Year UK Medical Students

The LMS mentorship program was designed with the busy lives of our physician mentors and medical student mentees in mind. Our program is centralized in its support and decentralized in its execution in that the mentor/mentee decide when, where, and how often they want to meet, write, or talk. Obviously, in our current COVID-19 world, the relationship will be virtual until we get past the pandemic. The program starts in September 2020 and culminates in May 2021. Our program focuses, based on the advice from the medical student leadership, on third year students as they transition from two years of academics to their clinical training and education. This is not about shadowing, it is about encouraging, it is about being a source of encouragement, advice, and support.

LMS will match, monitor, and support the mentor/mentee relationship. The first step to become a mentor is to notify me and then you will receive a simple, 3 minute profile survey to fill out on your smartphone or computer. In August you will receive notification of your match via email.

There are three different stages during the relationship where we’ll ask you to review the relationship: at the beginning, at the middle, and at the end. During those times, we’ll provide a worksheet to provide some guidance in discussing important aspects to consider at each stage. Email or call, Cindy Madison, LMS Director of Membership and Communications,, or call (859) 278-0569 if you are interested in becoming a mentor.