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2021 LMS Essay Contest

Details: All entries must be original, unpublished writing intended for publishing in the Kentucky Doc Magazine. Do not put your name on the essay. Judges, physicians from the LMS Editorial Board, are blinded to authors. Instead, include a separate cover letter with name, entry category (active physician, resident, or U.K. medical student) essay title, a two or three sentence bio, a professional picture, and contact information (email, phone, address). The bio and picture will go with your article if published. Submit your essay in Microsoft Word format.

You have 800-1,500 words and the deadline is March 1, 2021. The LMS Editorial Board judges will consider excellence in expression, creativity, readability, clarity, and the power of your message. These are essays, not research papers, write from what you know and feel.

All essay participants will be notified if they won or not by March 19, 2021.

Submission: Send via email as an attachment to Christopher Hickey, LMS EVP/CEO. Contact LMS if you have any questions, (859) 278-0569 or email.