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UK College of Medicine AMA Medical Student Chapter 2020 Update:

UK College of Medicine AMA Medical Student Chapter 2020 Update:
By Patrick Osterhaus and Alexander Thebert, UK AMA Medical Student Section Co-Presidents

Happy New Year! The UK College of Medicine AMA Medical Student Chapter is pleased to share all that we have accomplished in 2020, particularly in adjusting to the challenges posed by COVID-19. We are always striving to improve and anticipate an even better 2021, especially without all the burdens this unusual past year has posed. Accordingly, here is a non-exhaustive summary of our 2020 achievements, which will serve as a benchmark for this upcoming year:

  • Had 46% of M1 class join the National AMA
  • Establish a Diversity Director position to work with the UK Student National Medical Association, MedPride, and Women in Medicine and Science organizations
  • Created 7 Days to 100% Voting Campaign – 207 students participated in UK House competition to confirm voter registration and request absentee ballot, got 11 medical students registered to vote for the first time!
  • Volunteering at God’s Pantry warehouse
  • Held clothing fundraiser events
  • Participated in LMS programming –Physician Wellness Program, White Coat Investor, record participation in Mentor-Mentee program (42 UK College of Medicine M3 students paired with Lexington physicians)
  • Participated in KMA programming – Medical Student Outreach and Leadership Program, Policy Meeting with KY Rep. Kim Moser (head of Health and Family Services committee)
  • Participated in AMA programming – Interim-20 Medical Student Section and AMA HOD, AMA Medical Student Advocacy Week

All of this would not be possible without the continued support of the broader physician community locally. As more and more classmates engage with physicians, we increasingly hear about how relationships with current physicians provides guidance, perspective, and a sense of purpose. These relationships remind us that we will soon utilize all we are learning—all this hard work—to shape a healthier Kentucky. Furthermore, we know we will be joining supportive, welcoming teams when we graduate into this mission. For this, and everything else you do for medical students, we cannot thank you enough.