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2021 KET “TeleFund”, February 27 to March 7, Please donate online –

Click Here to donate to KET

KET is hosting a virtual “TeleFund” to raise funds to support public television in Lexington and throughout Kentucky. Hundreds of LMS members, over the last 35 years, have volunteered to answer phones in the KET studio during their live Telethon. This is not possible this year due to the pandemic. Instead, we can support KET by going to the link above and donate.

Dr. James Borders, our LMS President, was recently interviewed by KET about the Lexington Medical Society’s decades long support for public television in our community. Dr. Borders’ interview will be featured during Ken Burns’ County Music which will air on Thursday, March 4th at 8:00pm on KET.

Did You Know…

When schools transitioned to at-home learning in 2020, KET responded with the online Learn at Home Toolkit, helping thousands of families and educators with K-12 students.

Did you know KET’s programs reach 7.3 million viewers in 8 states? And that doesn’t even include the teachers and students using online educational resources.

Did you know that PBS programming on KET costs $3 million each year?