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Lexington Medical Society Adventure Events for UK Medical Students at the Life Adventure Center

The Lexington Medical Society is sponsoring two afternoons of adventure at the Life Adventure Center in nearby Versailles, Kentucky on June 8, 2pm to 5pm. We have slots for 15 UK medical students, all classes welcome. Life Adventure Center certified instructors will provide all the instruction and safety gear.

The event will begin with instruction on how to wear and use the safety equipment. You will then climb up a 60 foot wall, negotiate the high ropes course, then ride a zip-line back down to the ground. You are tethered to a cable the whole time you are on the high ropes course.

You are going to want to dress like you see in the pictures. Wear a good sturdy and comfortable shoe (sneakers or boots) with good traction, loose comfortable clothing that is suitable to the season. You can wear athletic pants or shorts, or loose fitting jeans. Please no short shorts. Bring a jacket or rain jacket depending on the weather. Please don’t wear open toed or open heeled shoes or any kind of sandal. Please leave jewelry at home.

We have only 30 total slots, 15 per day. Please only register for one .