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The Salvation Army Clinic: Physicians Needed

The Salvation Army Clinic: Physicians Needed

The Salvation Army Clinic (SAC), located in downtown Lexington, is a student-run multi-specialty clinic that serves the uninsured population of our community. Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of our community by providing free medical services and increasing awareness of local health care resources. Through the volunteerism of physicians, along with pharmacy, social work, undergraduate, and medical students, we are able to provide adult primary care, pediatric care, ophthalmology, and dermatology services. Nutrition and smoking cessation services are also available through nursing and dietician program volunteers.

Clinic is held in the evenings three days per week and serves up to 8 patients per night. Undergraduate students act as triagers and work with patients on completing necessary intake paperwork. Medical students from UKCOM act as floor managers and interviewers. They take vitals, perform a thorough history and physical exam, and present their findings to the attending physician. The medical student and physician will then work to formulate an appropriate plan for the patient. Social work students also see the patient and help them connect with community resources. Pharmacy students work with the team to identify and dispense necessary medications. Finally, the medical student will complete a note for the visit, which the physician will review and sign.

This is a unique opportunity for students and professionals to come together and provide comprehensive care for a vulnerable population right here in our community. As a retired physician, through the SAC you are able to continue caring for patients that would normally not have access to primary care. After a long career in medicine, your knowledge and skills would be particularly beneficial for these patients that often have complex and extensive medical histories.

The SAC has recently been experiencing a shortage of attending physician volunteers, making it difficult to continue providing consistent care for our patient population. If you are interested in volunteering with our clinic, please feel free to reach out to our physician liaison, Mackenzie Donoho, at or at (502) 507-1991. To be eligible to volunteer you must still be actively covered by UK malpractice insurance.