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Supported by the LMS Foundation: Surgery on Sunday – Making a Difference

Imagine you are a landscaper supporting your family and taking pride in your beautiful work, but a hernia is keeping you from that work and your family could lose the hard-won stability you have been providing because you don’t have insurance. Or imagine you are cleaning houses to make sure your kids have enough to eat but your gallstones or carpal tunnel syndrome makes it impossible for you do your job regularly, and there is no way you can afford surgery. Or imagine you want to read to your grandchildren, but the cost of cataract surgery is beyond your reach and that means you won’t see them clearly again or be able to read them a bedtime story. Where can you go to get help, to get your life back?

That is where Surgery on Sunday comes in. Our organization provides free, medically necessary outpatient surgery to those who are under or uninsured and who meet certain financial and physical qualifications. One Sunday a month our volunteers come together at the Lexington Surgery Center to make it possible for around 10 patients to receive the medical care they need to get them back to work, to change lives for the better. We treat 100-120 patients every year, and we also ensure that those who cannot receive but need colonoscopies are cared for with the assistance of Colorectal Surgical & Gastroenterology Associates.

Where do you come in? We are always in need of clinical volunteers: OR, PACU, and preop nurses; CRNAs; surgical techs; and of course surgeons. If you or someone you know are interested in volunteering or just want more information, email If you can’t volunteer but would like to contribute, we want you to know that the surgeries we do cost an average of $1500 each. That includes everything from diagnostics to supplies to facility fees, and sometimes even medications, lodging, and gas for those coming from far afield. Interested in donating? Go to our website at and click on “Donate.”

When we come together, we really can change lives, one surgery at a time.