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KMA President’s Message: Looking Ahead to 2023

Dr. Monalisa Tailor, KMA President, and Cory Meadows, KMA ‘Deputy Vice President/Director of Advocacy

KMA President’s Message: Looking Ahead to 2023
By: Monalisa Tailor, MD, KMA President

It’s hard to believe that we are already entering into the last month of 2022.

This year continues to present challenges to those of us in medicine: from staff shortages, medication shortages, to the ongoing ravaging by infectious diseases. Challenging times are why I’m so thankful to be part of the KMA. Our KMA has been busy this year tackling the issues we as physicians face and working with us to find solutions.

I was recently able to testify on our Association’s behalf before the Interim Joint Committee on Health, Welfare, and Family Services regarding eligibility criteria and requirements relating to prior authorization. Our goal is to make this a better, more streamlined system for patients, physicians and practices. Fixing prior authorization is a top priority for the KMA heading into the 2023 legislative session, and I look forward to having more conversations that will lead us to a positive outcome. As we look ahead to the legislative session, please mark your calendars for Feb. 22, 2023, for KMA’s Physicians’ Day at the Capitol, where we will convene in Frankfort to advocate for our priority issues.

I believe that we have solutions for the frustrations we face. For changes to truly be made in medicine, we physicians have to lead the way. And the KMA provides the best leadership training program for physicians in the state through its award-winning Kentucky Physicians Leadership Institute (KPLI). KPLI focuses on business, personal, advocacy, and communications aspects of leadership, which is exactly what we as physicians need to create meaningful change. As a graduate of that program, I can attest to its relevance and value. I know many LMS members have completed the program as well and have gone on to put its training to good use, taking on new roles professionally, in organized medicine, and in the community. Not to mention, the program provides CME!

Speaking of CME, I am hopeful each of you will take advantage of KMA’s newest member benefit, the “CME Guarantee” program. CME Guarantee allows members to receive up to 30 hours of the required Category 1 CME each three-year cycle at no cost. Members can simply log into the KMA website to view the available content, and KMA will also keep track of the CME you earn through the program. In addition, there is a new section of the KMA’s bi-monthly newsletter, Kentucky Health eNews, which will highlight the available programs and what may be coming or expiring soon, so I encourage you to check that out and stay current with your CME.

What we do at our KMA would of course not be possible without your membership and input. Thanks to all of you who participated in KMA’s recent member survey. We received a great response, and I’m excited to share those results with you in 2023.

Our KMA has always existed to make the voices of physicians heard, and I’m thankful to have your voice be part of that chorus. I’m listening, and I would love to know what you are doing in your communities and highlight your joys in medicine that keep you rejuvenated in medicine. Look forward to hearing from you. May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and a joyful New Year.