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LMS President’s Message: Final Message

LMS President’s Message: Final Message
By Khalil Rahman, MD, MBA

My year as President of Lexington Medical Society will come to an end in a few weeks. I want to thank all members of our organization for giving their precious time working on the different committees. I want to thank the Kentucky Medical Society for coordinating with the Lexington Medical Society to combine efforts in working towards better health care for the people of Bluegrass. I want to thank our past Presidents for working hard during their tenure. This year LMS organized programs leading to benefit the people of Kentucky, physicians in our community, medical students and our patients. We continue to excel in our yearly program; we organized programs for Leadership, wellness, a golf tournament to raise money for the LMS foundation.   

My vision is to start a task force for Central and Eastern Kentucky to deal with disasters faced by the people, including private clinics with emergency medical supplies during disasters period. We will be collecting office supplies from clinics and hospitals to distribute to the clinic and health care workers in disaster areas. We plan to have a well-organized program in advance to store needed equipment.  

Over the years, private clinics have declined significantly, physicians joining big organizations are now dispensable, and at any time the patient-physician relationship is detached. The power of making decisions for the patient is minimized. I want to bring a balance between private and employed physicians.  Competition improves health care quality. I hope to educate young physicians coming out of training, the benefits of starting their own or joining a private practice. 

Finally want to thank Chris Hickey, Cindy Madison, and my family for giving me the support to achieve the goal. 

Khalil Rahman, MD, MBA