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LMS President’s Message: January 2023

LMS President’s Message: January 2023, The Value of Healthcare
By Lee Dossett, MD

As I take on the role of president of our medical society, I am honored to represent and advocate for the healthcare profession in our community. I would like to think Dr. Rahman for the excellent work for LMS in 2022.  I have known Khalil for a long time, and I know he deeply cares about patients, physicians, and our community.  For those who do not know me, I am a life long Lexingtonian and attended UK for both my undergraduate and medical degrees.  I briefly left the state for residency but returned home in 2009 as a hospitalist at Baptist Health Lexington.  I recently transitioned to the role of Chief Medical Officer at the hospital, though still plan to pick up the occasional admitting shift at the hospital.  I have enjoyed the resumption of in person LMS meetings this year, and hope everyone continues to come out for the valuable discussion and networking opportunities.

In thinking of topics for my columns in the newsletters this year, I keep coming back to 2 topics that I am passionate about.  Physician advocacy and improving value in healthcare.

As physicians, it is our duty to advocate for our patients and ensure that they receive the best care possible. This requires us to be proactive in speaking out about issues that affect the quality and accessibility of healthcare. It also means being willing to work with policymakers, payers, and other stakeholders to find solutions that improve the healthcare system for all.  One way that we can do this is through organized medicine, such as our medical society. By coming together and using our collective voice, we can advocate for policies and practices that support the delivery of high-quality, affordable healthcare. As I have gotten more involved with LMS and the KMA over the last few years, I have seen the importance of organized medicine has for our patients and physician community.  I hope to extend that involvement to the AMA and the first step to that will be attending the AMA advocacy conference in Washington DC in February.  I will have a full report from that trip in a future newsletter.

One of the key issues that I believe is of utmost importance and plan to revisit this year is the concept of value of healthcare.  Value to patients means providing high-quality, low-cost care.  In my years as a hospitalist, I have seen firsthand the waste of that can be present in our medical system and have certainly participated in it myself.  In future newsletters, I hope to provide information, context, and resources for all of us to do our part to reign in wasteful healthcare spending.

I am committed to working with my colleagues to address the challenges facing our profession and to advocate for policies that support the value of healthcare. Together, we can make a difference and improve the lives of those we serve. So, let’s work together to make the healthcare system better for all.