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Career Chats: Physicians needed to give insights on their specialty to UK Medical Students

The Lexington Medical Society needs physicians to give insights on their specialty to UK Medical Students. The event starts with an informal dinner social at 6:30pm and concludes by 8:15pm. Please contact Cindy Madison, LMS Director of Communications and Membership if you are interested.

“I always look forward to working with the UK medical students in the LMS mentoring program. The students that sign up are interested in gaining information from experienced physicians (a nice way to say old). It rekindles my excitement for the practice of medicine by recounting my experiences from my time in their shoes. For those of us not directly in academic medicine, we also get the opportunity to teach some life lessons regarding big decisions they will have to make like specialty choice, work/life balance, and the “process” of matching. The one thing I try to stress is the great opportunity they have at this point in their life to actually choose what they really want to do. Prior to that, we are taught to learn all we can about medicine and all the didactic information we could possibly soak up. As they near the end of their third year, they can begin to see how they will be able to use their skills and knowledge to apply to the best part of our profession: taking care of patients.”

Tad Hughes, MD
LMS Mentor