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8th Annual Career Chats was a Huge Success

8th Annual Career Chats was a Huge Success.
Thank you to all the Physicians and medical students that attended.

Career Chats is event which medical students can meet physicians from over 30 specialties from throughout the community. The event starts with a buffet dinner and then has four, twenty-minute cycles where medical students can meet a different specialty each cycle. Thank you to the many physicians who came right from work to lend their experiences in their specialty and answer questions. The physicians always tell us they really enjoy the event. It is a great opportunity for the medical students to get exposed to more specialties than they are able to do in school.

Thank you to all the physicians who attended!

Andrea Banks, MD
David Bensema, MD
Hannah Brown, MD
Katherine Copely, MD
Hope Cottrill, MD
William Davey, MD
George Dimeling, MD
Lee Dossett, MD
Nicole Everman, MD
Maheera Farsi, DO
Michael Francis, MD
Rebecca Freeland, MD
Amy Gewirtz, MD
Faiza Hassan, MD
Miriam Henry, MD
Paula Hollingsworth, MD
Mehdi Khosravi, MD
Evan Lynch, MD, PhD
Sarah McClanahan, DO
Timothy Morgan, DO
Sarah O’Leary, MD
Reshma Oodal, MD
Greg Osetinsky, MD
Charles Papp, MD
Dhruv Patel, MD
Krista Perry, DO
Samuel Potter, MD
Dinesh Ramaiah, MBBS
James Rossi, MD
John Sartini, MD
Paul Sloan, MD
Ryan Stanton, MD
Julia Stevens, MD
John Stewart, MD
Kim Stigers, MD
Alice Thornton, MD
Jennifer Torres Yee, MD
Tom Waid, MD
Danielle Walsh, MD
Dennis Williams, MD
Emery Wilson, MD