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LMS Foundation Grant Recipient: Bluegrass Council of the Blind

BCB Holding End-of-year Food Drive to Benefit Kentuckians Struggling with Vision Loss

Bluegrass Council of the Blind (BCB) is asking the community’s help in providing supplemental food.

Our food stocks for our clientele are low for December and beyond; please support our end-of-year food drive!

Shopping can be stressful and difficult for people who are blind or visually impaired. That’s why BCB distributes supplemental food packages every month to our clientele in addition to serving meals at our monthly Lunch & Learn gatherings.

“BCB’s food distribution program is a way we try to reduce the stress of shopping, which is even more challenging during the holiday season, and provide easy-to-prepare foods to those with low to no vision,” said Theresa Thomas, BCB Executive Director. “The majority of BCB consumers are seniors, and beyond vision impairment, most also have some form of additional medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other conditions we try to address by teaching healthier eating habits and providing healthier foods”  

Like everyone else, BCB is experiencing a rise in food costs, especially when purchasing healthy options, which food banks also struggle to provide. That’s why the organization is reaching out for help from the community.

“The extra food means a lot,” said one BCB client. “It has helped supplement my home meals, my financial situation. I live by myself, I’m totally blind and I take care of myself. I’m limited on my funds, and it has allowed me to free up a few dollars. And it has helped supplement my meal menu. I really appreciate it.”

“The end of the month gets tight,” said another, “and this food helps me not have to schedule another trip to the store. You have no idea how much that helps. It takes half a day to go anywhere when you can’t drive and have to take Wheels or ask somebody to drive you.”

If an individual or a group would like to participate in providing supplemental groceries and items to fellow Central Kentuckians who are blind or visually impaired, they can click here to visit BCB’s Amazon Wishlist to purchase canned goods and other items. For those who would prefer to shop locally, here are some suggestions:

Hoped for items:

Most shelf-stable items welcome. Many of our clients are diabetic so items that are low or no sodium, low or no sugar added and low in carbs are ideal.

  • Canned meats
  • Canned vegetables (low or no sodium)
  • Canned fruit (in natural juices or no sugar added)
  • Canned or dried soups (low sodium)
  • Canned meals (pastas, stews, etc.)
  • Powdered or shelf-stable milk
  • Low-sugar cereals
  • Bottled water (for support meetings)
  • Paper goods for meals at meetings (dessert plates, paper towels, plasticware)
  • Assorted color plastic tablecloths for 6 ft. tables (100 needed for the year)
  • Sugar-free candies for holiday goodie bags
  • Facial tissues
  • Clorox or other cleaning wipes
  • Soft soaps (pumps)
  • Coffee pods (standard sized k-cups) regular and dark roast preferred.

Food donations can be dropped off Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 4 PM at BCB’s office: 2265 Harrodsburg Road, Ste. 102, Lexington. We can also accept financial donations for the food drive on our website at; please type “Food Drive” into the notes field. If you would like to know other ways you can help in providing food to those with low or no vision, please contact us or call 859-259-1834. We appreciate your support!

About BCB

The Bluegrass Council of the Blind (BCB) is the only nonprofit exclusively serving the needs of adults who are blind or visually impaired in Central Kentucky. BCB services are free of charge to clients and available to any clients affected by vision loss, including family, friends and professionals working with people with low to no vision. 

Our mission:
To increase independence, security and quality of life for Kentuckians affected by vision loss through peer support, technology, training and additional resources. 

We do this through our two main programs: Peer Support and Assistive Technology and Training. Some of the services provided through these two programs include:

  • support group meetings
  • peer group mentoring
  • demonstrations and hands-on trials of technology items and devices
  • group and individual training on assistive technology such as accessibility features on smart phones and tablets
  • educational seminars
  • community outings
  • a technology lending / distribution program

BCB services: 

  • reduce fear and help those living with low to no vision feel confident again. 
  • equip them with the tools, assistive technology and skills to continue living safe, independent lives.  
  • help combat the isolation and depression that can come with vision loss. 
  • are free of charge to clients and available to anyone affected by vision loss, including family, friends and professionals working with people with low to no vision.