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LMS President’s Message: December 2023

LMS President’s Message: Reflections on 2023
By Lee Dossett, MD

As we approach the end of the year, I find myself reflecting on the last 12 months of work that the Lexington Medical Society and Kentucky Medical Association have done.  Serving as your president has been a privilege, and the experiences of the past year have reinforced for me the vital role organized medicine and advocacy plays in shaping the future of healthcare for both physicians and patients.  I would like to thank every member for giving me the opportunity to serve in this role.  I would also like to acknowledge the work and dedication of Chris Hickey, who does an excellent job running LMS and supporting all of us. 

One of the highlights of this year was attending the American Medical Association (AMA) National Advocacy Conference in Washington DC. The conference provided a unique opportunity to engage with leaders from across the nation, share our concerns, and advocate for policies that will benefit our profession and, most importantly, the individuals under our care. We met with both Senator Paul and Senator McConnell to discuss issues such as prior authorization and Medicare payment reform. 

Closer to home, the Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) Day at the Capitol was another pivotal event. Meeting with our state legislators allowed us to address pressing issues facing our healthcare system at a local level.  Many of the hot button political issues of the day intersect with healthcare.  It is vitally important that politicians have physician input on reproductive rights, LGTBQ+ rights, and gun violence among things.  The KMA Annual Conference was a valuable opportunity to connect with colleagues and develop resolutions to move issues forward and let our stance known.  Looking ahead to 2024, it is crucial that we maintain our commitment to advocacy, both at the state and national levels. I know that our incoming slate of officers at LMS and KMA will continue to lead us towards progress, and I will work with them after my presidency ends.

My closing thought of my presidency is about the great privilege we physicians have to take care of our patients.  I became a full-time hospital administrator at the end of 2022, however I still take occasional admitting shifts as a hospitalist as my schedule and bandwidth allow.  It is far fewer than I would like, but I find myself looking forward to these shifts, despite them almost always being on Friday nights.  I really enjoy medicine and taking care of patients.  My wish for everyone in 2024 is to step back when you can and realize we have the best job in the world and can truly make a difference in someone’s life.