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2024 LMS President’s July Video Message: Become a Mentor and Help Encourage Our Next Generation of Physicians


Not every doctor was fortunate enough to have a true mentor during their training years but for those who did, we know the immense value the relationship had on our lives and careers. Doctors David and Marian Bensema, long- time mentors, tell us how they feel mentoring has provided more benefit to them than they can even hope their students’ experience.

The LMS Mentorship Program offers this meaningful opportunity to 3rd year medical students by pairing them with LMS physician mentors.  The LMS Mentorship Program runs from September through May. We are looking for mentors to encourage and support these young physicians in training. We encourage you to sign up to be a mentor!

Angela Dearinger, MD
LMS President

  • What: Register as a mentor for the 2024-2025 LMS Mentorship Program (September 2024 to May 2025)
  • Who: 
  • LMS active and retired physicians and residents
  • How: Take a short survey to enable us to pair you with a mentee.
  • Where & how often: You and your mentee decide how to meet (virtually, telephonically, text, email, in-person) and how often. Most of our mentor/mentee pairs, in past years, had contact once a month.
  • Why: Provide our medical students a source of encouragement, advice, and support as they transition from academic to clinical phase of medical school.