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2018 LMS Bourbon Chase Team

Contact Chris Hickey, LMS EVP/CEO, (859) 278-0569, if you  want  more information or want to join the team.

Read about our inaugural 2017 Bourbon Chase Team experience.

What: The Bourbon Chase is a 203 mile relay event starting at the Jim Beam Distillery  in Clermont and ending in downtown Lexington. Start times are based on the estimated time the team expects to complete the race, the slower teams start first. We expect our team to complete the relay in about 32 hours. We anticipate our start time being around 9:00am, but we will get notified on the exact time a couple of weeks before the race. Our team will be split between two large commercial vans which LMS rents. We will balance the runners between the vans based on their ability. Our vans are also balanced between physicians and medical students. We will split driving the vans among the runners. We will stop at the rental company on the way out to the start to get our drivers’ authorized to drive by the rental company.

The Bourbon Chase experience: You will be with your van from start to finish. Each runner will run, on average, three legs of about 10KM each (one on Friday, one at night, one on Saturday). You need to be able to run about a 10:30 per mile pace for a 10KM distance. For our team, the race is fun and relaxed. The competitive teams are much faster than our team so we don’t worry about winning. LMS has reserved two sets of hotel rooms in the Danville and Lawrenceburg areas to enable our runners to get cleaned up and some rest. We will have male and female hotel rooms in each of these locations. The race runs through some really nice small Kentucky towns like Danville, Stanford, Harrodsburg, and Versailles. It runs through some beautiful horse country in the Midway to Lexington legs.

Cost: No cost to our runners. LMS covers the race registration fees, van rentals, safety gear, snacks and water, and hotels.


October 12, 2018 The next event is on November 9, 2018.
12:00 AM