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Lexington Medical Society Family Day Rescheduled to April 26, 2020

Come join us to an exciting afternoon at the Life Adventure Center in nearby Versailles. This is open to all LMS members: active and retired physicians, residents & fellows, medical students and their families. We will have a barbeque lunch and refreshments. The venue has a large outdoor pavilion, a 50 foot climbing wall, zip line, archery range, a big green lawn all in a beautiful setting. Bring your soccer chairs, frisbees, and prepared to have a fun, relaxing time. The highly professional Life Adventure Center staff will provide instruction and supervision for the climbing wall, Zip line, and archery. They believe in “Challenge by Choice” so still come out even if you aren’t interested in the adventure activities.

What should I wear?

  •  A good sturdy and comfortable shoe (sneakers or boots) with good traction.
  •  Loose comfortable clothing that is suitable to the season and that you do not mind getting dirty.
    •  Athletic pants or shorts, lor lose fitting jeans. (please no short shorts)
    •  T-shirts, long sleeve shirt
    •  Jacket or rain jacket (we do continue in the rain)
  •  Please do not wear:
    •  Open toed or open heeled shoe or any kind of sandal.
    •  Clothes that you do not want to get dirty.
    •  Jewelry or other items that may be dangerous for you and other in your group.

What if I feel scared or nervous?

      •  “Challenge by Choice” is a principle we take seriously. In all of our activities each participant is allowed the choice to choose their own level of challenge. Each person gets to choose to participate in whatever way challenges them.
April 26, 2020
1:00 PM
At the Life Adventure Center 570 Milner Road