Hope Cottrill, MD

Hope Cottrill, MD

Why did you become a physician?

Truly, my professional journey is the scenic route and I believe I am a richer person for all the twists and turns!  I became a physician for a multitude of reasons.  My mother, Carol Cottrill, was a physician in Lexington for almost my entire life.  She became the first and only pediatric cardiology fellow at the University of Kentucky Medical Center (UKMC) when I was a toddler, and I grew up very comfortable in the hospital environment.  I actually wanted to become a musician or work in the music industry, but I truly found my calling in medicine.


Tell us about your educational & professional background.

I attended Miami of Ohio earning a bachelor’s degree in music performance playing cello (that’s a BM degree, haha).  I completed my medical school pre-requirements and attended medical school at UKMC, then completed a year in pathology through the Sophomore Pathology Fellowship program with Dr. William O’Connor as my mentor.  I finished my OB/GYN residency in 2005 and moved with my family, including my perpetually supportive husband, Dr. Ari Padmanabhan, to Tampa for fellowship in Gynecologic Oncology.  After completing fellowship, we felt the calling to return to Kentucky to be close to family, friends, and the community we hold so close to our hearts.


What are your interests outside of medicine?

I have a variety of interests outside of medicine including music, fitness, nature, baking and gardening.  I love my family dearly including my mother-in-law, Jini, who has lived with us and helped with childcare for our children, Asha and Kiran Ari. My siblings, nieces, and nephews keep me grounded and my family serves as the anchor of my soul.  I think it is very necessary to give credit to my family and medical team for my achievements as they make everything I do possible.


Why did you join the Lexington Medical Society?

As a part of the medical community in Lexington and as my family has matured, I have taken on more leadership roles at work and have personal goals of public education, access to care, research, community outreach, physician wellness, and cancer prevention to name a few.  Being a member of the Lexington Medical Society helps me work towards these goals in a broader sense and helps me to better understand that the path to attaining some of these goals may not always be direct.


I am looking forward to expanding my role in the Lexington Medical Society and am grateful for the opportunity to serve my community!