Jitander Dudee, MD

Jitander Dudee, MD

Why did you become a physician?

I became fascinated by science in school and of all the branches biology seemed the most mysterious and tantalizing in trying to understand how breathtakingly complex processes have fashioned life over the last 3 billion years or so. Medicine applies biology to bring tangible benefits to people in the present even as so much remains unfathomable. For me, medicine is the perfect combination of science and the humanities – rewarding because it’s intellectually stimulating and improves human life every day.

Tell us about your educational and professional background.

I obtained my medical degree from the University of Cambridge in the UK and did my ophthalmology residency at Washington Hospital Center in DC. after completing internships at St Thomas’s Hospital in London and the Royal Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, England. I’ve been in solos private practice in Lexington since 1994 and enjoy improving the quality of visual perception beyond just increasing Snellen acuity, by enhancing the quality and comfort of visual. It’s important to stay curious so I like to dabble in medical device improvements.

What are your interest outside of medicine?

I enjoy hiking, Cub Scouts, reading about history of science and tinkering with gadgets like pinewood derby cars

Why did you join the Lexington Medical Society?

As hospitals and insurance companies extend their influence deeper within the profession it’s essential for physicians to organize through independent societies to advocate for our patients, as well as for the next generation of doctors. LMS serves an essential role representing the local medical community through grass roots coordination with state and national associations. Local medical societies were amongst the first to address the growing problem of physician burnout. It’s becoming even more important for practicing physicians to be able to speak with a unified voice in the face of medical misinformation and public mistrust. LMS does a great job in promoting the cherished values and traditions of our profession in local medical students.