Kenneth “Tad” Hughes, MD

Kenneth “Tad” Hughes, MD

Why did you become a physician?

My decision actually was more like a calling that I did not realize until I was making out my schedule for my sophomore year in college. I knew I was into science and specifically biology. It was my uncle that suggested dentistry as a career that would allow me to use more of my social skills and my love for biology. I had a better idea; I was to be a physician. I would describe it as an epiphany through my own evolution, as was my decision to be an Otolaryngologist. My great grandfather practiced Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and I am glad to have followed in his footsteps; my son is training to be an ophthalmologist and my daughter is a dietitian, they will help carry the torch.

Tell us about your educational and professional background.

I grew up in Oklahoma City and attended public schools. Ironically, my high school only had science courses available for the first two years of our matriculation. I had a hunger for more science but not necessarily the experience. As a request of my grandfather, I attended a small liberal arts, all male school in Indiana. I was honored to attend a fine institution for my freshman year, but happy to return to the University of Oklahoma to get my degree. I then attended the University of Oklahoma College of medicine. I feel very fortunate to have been accepted to the Mayo Graduate School for my Otolaryngology residency. After five years in Minnesota, we moved to Lexington to join my present group of eight that was only three at the time. We  brought our 3 year old daughter and had our son shortly after we arrived in Lexington twenty eight years ago.

What are your interests outside of medicine?

Since moving here, I have been an avid reader of Civil War history and the historical figures involved in the conflict. I have learned to love Kentucky’s native son and our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. My interest in World War II has also topped my reading list.

I have also made exercise a major part of my life.The older I get, the more I realize the Importance of my health. My love for exercise and my new found hobby of collecting fine Kentucky bourbons came together several years ago when I joined the Lexington Medical society’s team in the Bourbon Chase: a 206 mile relay race through the heart of Kentucky’s Bourbon country with other LMS physicians, medical students, and our executive director Chris. It was a highlight for me and a reminder of why I love my adopted state and my chosen profession.

Why did you join the Lexington Medical Society?

My first experience with the LMS was with the annual golf tournament that supports the Lexington Medical Foundation. It was a great introduction to many of the members and community members as well as the sponsoring organizations. I joined the LMS (formerly Fayette County Med. Soc.) and signed up to be on the golf committee to help plan future events. I love golf, but I also was glad to be a part of a fundraising arm of the medical society that supports local charities that have health related missions. Through this, I became involved with the Surgery on Sunday organization that has allowed me to give back to those in the community that cannot afford healthcare by doing something I truly enjoy. I have also enjoyed my involvement in the career building sessions and the mentorship program that the society started several years ago. It allows us to share our practical experience with the rising medical students that is not taught in their didactic sessions.