Marvin Bishop, M.D.

Marvin Bishop, M.D.

Why did you become a physician?

I became a physician because I had a strong desire to make an investment in my education in order to help my community at a local and individual level.  I was also intrigued by the thought process that is required to make a diagnosis and treatment plan for a particular disease state.  It still fascinates me the knowledge that has been acquired in modern medicine that we, as physicians, have at our fingertips to alleviate some of the diseases that afflict our fellow man/woman.


Tell us about your educational and professional background.

I attended college and medical school at the University of Kentucky from 1991-1999.  I went on to pursue internal medicine and endocrinology training at the University Hospital in Cincinnati, OH.  I came back to join my father, a dermatologist in Winchester, at his local practice.  I have a unique practice of combining endocrine and dermatology to help patients with many of the disease states that they may have.  I was also very fortunate to partner with Dr. Tuyen Tran, a past LMS president, to start 2nd Chance, a clinic that helps patients with their opiate dependent disease.  We have grown to become a clinic that helps the patient throughout their recovery process.  Because of my experiences and education, I have had the opportunity to become triple-boarded in internal medicine, endocrinology, and addiction medicine.  In my spare time, I was able to obtain an MBA from the University of Indiana’s Kelley School of Business.


What are your interests outside of medicine?

I greatly enjoy spending time with my wife and children.  My son is pretty involved with sports, so I spend a quite a bit of time at his games and just going out throwing, pitching, and shooting basketball with him.


Why did you join the Lexington Medical Society?

I felt joining LMS was important for me to continue my positive growth as a physician.  Oftentimes, we live in silos as physicians, which is not good.  Joining LMS has allowed me to meet many great physicians/people and has allowed me to grow as a physician myself.