Miriam Henry, MD

Miriam Henry, MD

Why did you become a physician?

Originally interested in studio arts, I fell in love with biology and more specifically anatomy in my early years of college. The similarities in art and science are vast. After working in rural Tennessee during my summers in college, doing mission work, I decided that a career focused on helping others was important to me. Blending my two interests led me to medicine.

Tell us about your educational & professional background.

After college I pursued a career in medicine attending LSU Shreveport Medical School where I was junior AOA President and graduated in the top five of my medical school class. I then began my job as a resident physician at the University of Kentucky in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. I will complete my residency in June 2024 and begin a Hand Surgery fellowship at University of Mississippi Medical Center in August 2024.

What are your interests outside of medicine?

I have many interests outside of medicine. I enjoy home gardening and have worked hard over the past few years to have a well-maintained garden with several Kentucky native varieties. I also enjoy learning about wine making and wine history and have visited several well-known wine regions including Champagne France and Napa California.

Why did you join the Lexington Medical Society?

I joined LMS to have the opportunity to meet other physicians both within and outside of my own institution. Additionally, LMS has given me the ability to meet lots of medical students and help them with their pursuits for residency and bring awareness to my own specialty of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.