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LMS Strategic Framework

Vision: Building a community of physicians in Central Kentucky.

Mission: The Lexington Medical Society is the principal voice & resource for Central Kentucky physicians to enhance their professional lives & improve the health of the community.

Values: Camaraderie, Connection, Collaboration, Communication


LMS President’s Message, January, 2020: “Building a Sense of Community”
By Mamata Majmundar, MD

On paper, the Lexington Medical Society (LMS) is a non-profit professional association of physicians in Fayette County, Kentucky. LMS is a voluntary organization founded in 1799. It is the second oldest medical society in the country. It is a component of the Kentucky Medical Association which together with other state medical societies forms the American Medical Association.

But membership at the Lexington Medical Society is more than just dues and dinners.

We are a diverse group of your peers in the medical field, interested in learning about and taking control of the everyday and future issues affecting the businesses and lives of those practicing medicine. We are a community of equals, regardless of age, gender, race or experience, listening to and supporting each other. LMS pushes the individual and the group to engage and encourages everyone to find how they can be an “active” member and participate in improving the lives of those in the Lexington area who save the lives of others.