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Physicians Finder

Welcome to the LMS Physician Finder

The Physician Finder contains names and practice information on Active physician members of the Lexington Medical Society. LMS members are committed to the AMA’s Principles of Medical Ethics and dedicated to quality patient care.

Terms of Agreement

Nothing in this site is intended to constitute medical or legal advice. Lexington Medical Society (LMS) including its employees and agents, assumes no responsibility for consequences resulting from the use of the information herein, or from use of the information obtained at linked Internet addresses. LMS makes every reasonable effort to provide accurate and reliable information on this site; however, LMS does not endorse, approve, or certify such information, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Links provided in this site do not indicate endorsement or approval by LMS of the sites, sponsors, products and/or services provided. By searching the Physician Finder, you agree to accept the terms of this agreement.