LMS integrates with the Kentucky Medical Association’s advocacy efforts. Your point of contact for federal and state advocacy is Cory Meadows, KMA Director of Advocacy & Legal Affairs at or (502) 814-1392.

For questions about our advocacy efforts, contact Christopher Hickey, at (859) 278-0569.

Legislative Action Center

This is the most effective and convenient way for physicians to participate in the legislative process. You will receive updates and talking points about issues important to you and link directly to bill summaries and text along with other important information. This Legislative Action Center is member exclusive and requires you to login. Click here to access the Legislative Action Center.

Identify and Contact Your Legislators by address or Zip Code

State Legislative Message Line

An extremely effective way to contact your state legislators is to use the Legislative Message Line. By calling 1-800-372-7181, you will be connected to an operator, who will identify your legislators, and leave them or any legislators you identify a message about the issue(s) important to you.

State Legislators’ Direct Line

To contact legislators at the Capitol directly, call (502) 564-8100. Use this number when you want to talk to your legislator directly or set up an appointment when coming to Frankfort.

State Legislators’ Fax Line

If you want to send your legislators a fax, use the fax line at (502) 564-6543. Faxes are delivered directly to legislators.

Legislative Research Commission Website

The Legislative Research Commission website is one of the best in the nation. On the site, you can identify your legislators, track legislation through the process, read text of bills, learn the legislative process, and more.

Kentucky Physicians PAC

KPPAC is the best investment you can make in the future of medicine. It helps elect pro-medicine candidates to the legislature using contributions from physicians. An overwhelming majority of state legislative candidates supported by KPPAC get elected to office. To make your contribution or learn about KPPAC, contact Laura Hartz at, email link, call (502) 814-1386, or visit the PAC online at

KMA Policy Manual (requires member login)

Contains the current KMA policies that are in effect. Link to KMA Policy Manual.

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