Professional Centralized Credentialing Services for Central Kentucky since 1999

For questions about credentialing, contact Amber Stansberry, at (859) 277-1762.

Our credentialing services were established in 1999 to eliminate duplicative credentialing for members of the Lexington Medical Society and local physicians. The process consists of one application and one verification, minimizing the administrative burden on the participating healthcare facility, the physician, and the practitioner.

Commonwealth Credentialing also processes reappointment applications for all participating facilities, further lightening the load for our members, local physicians, and facilities.

Benefits of Professional Centralized Credentialing

  • The Joint Commission (TJC) and Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) compliant
  • All verifications are written from the primary source
  • Convenience of completing one application for multiple facilities
  • Elimination of wasteful, duplicative effort
  • Reduction of administrative burdens, saving valuable healthcare dollars
  • Consistency of credentialing process for all participating facilities
  • Processing of initial and reappointment applications for physicians and allied health
  • Timely and efficient application processing for initial and reappointment

We’re Serving…

  • Baptist Health Lexington
  • Baptist Physician Surgery Center
  • Saint Joseph
    • Saint Joseph Hospital
    • Saint Joseph East
    • Saint Joseph Mount Sterling
    • Saint Joseph Berea
  • Baptist Health Surgery Center
  • UK Good Samaritan

Download a credentialing preapplication here.

Please return the preapplication to Amber Stansberry.

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